(available from 11am-close daily)

KΡΥΑ ΟΡΕΚΤΙΚΑ ♦ Cold Appetizers

Feta Cheese  $5.50

Imported zesty cheese made from sheep’s milk.

Tirokafteri  $6.50

Feta cheese spread with roasted red and green chili peppers

Hummus  $6.50

Chickpea, tahini and garlic spread

Tzatziki  $6.50

Greek yogurt, cucumber and garlic spread

Scordalia  $6.50

Whipped potato, bread and garlic spread

Melitzanosalata  $6.50

Roasted eggplant pureed with olive oil and walnuts

Taramasalata  $6.50

Traditional Greek caviar spread

Spread Sampler  $9.50

A sampling of 3 tradtional Greek spreads      (Choose from Taramasalata, Hummus, Tzatziki, Melitzanosalata, Scordalia and Tirokefteri) served with pita

Mixed Olives  $5.50

A variety of olives and peppers

Shrimp Cocktail  $11.00

Jumbo shrimp served with cocktail sauce

Oktapodaki  $11.50

Tender Mediterranean octopus marinated in vinegar, olive oil and oregano

ZEΣTA ΟΡΕΚΤΙΚΑ ♦ Hot Appetizers

Saganaki “Opa”  $7.00

Greek kasseri cheese flambeed with brandy

Saganaki Loukaneko  $7.00

Greek sausage flambeed with brandy

Saganaki Feta  $8.00

Pan fried Feta cheese wrapped in crispy filo dough, drizzled with honey and topped with sesame seeds

Fried Zucchini and Eggplant  $8.00

Paper thin chips of zucchini and eggplant with tzatziki

Spetsofai  $8.00

Loukaneko sausage sautéed with bell peppers and onions in tomato ouzo sauce, topped with Kefalotiri cheese

Tiropitakia (cheese pastries)  $6.00

Savory Feta cheese pies wrapped in filo dough

Keftethakia*  $6.00

Cocktail sized spiced meatballs served with herb tomato sauce and a dollop of Greek yogurt

Oktapodaki Skaras  $12.50

Grilled marinated octopus served with grilled onions, tzatziki, olive oil and a touch of vinegar

Saganaki Garithes*  $13.50

Sautéed shrimp, green peppers and onions in an ouzo tomato sauce  topped with Feta cheese

Flash Fried Calamari  $10.00

Flash fried baby squid with tomatoes, capers and peppers with a  lemon beurre blanc sauce

Steak Tips*  $9.00

Beef tenderloin sautéed in white wine, onions and garlic

ΣΟΥΠΕΣ ♦ Soups

Avgolemono Cup $2.50 Bowl $3.75

A savoury chicken, lemon, egg and rice soup

Soup du Jour Cup $2.50 Bowl $3.75

ΣΑΛΑΤΕΣ ♦ Salads

Klassiki Salata  $9.00

Classic Greek salad with Feta cheese, beets, olives, pepperoncini, cucumbers, red onion and tomatoes served with Greek dressing

Roka Salata (Arugula Salad)  $10.00

Arugula, mint, red onion, watermelon and crumbled Feta cheese tossed in an olive lime dressing.

Horiatiki Salata (Village Salad)  $9.50

A delicious blend of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, onions, olives, pepperoncini, Feta cheese and olive oil

Spanakosalata  $9.75

Fresh spinach with dried cherries, walnuts, bacon, crumbled Blue cheese, tossed with a vinaigrette

Horta  $5.00

Seasoned boiled greens with olive oil and lemon

Small Greek  (with dinner entrée only)  $5.00

Add to any salad (for an additional charge of): Dolmathakia $4.00 ♦ Gyros $4.00 ♦ Octopus
$6.00 ♦ Chicken $4.00 ♦ Shrimp $6.00 ♦ Steak Tips $7.00 ♦ Grilled Salmon $8.00


Greek Pizza

Original $10.50

Gouda & Mozzarella Cheese, Beef Bolognese, fried egg.

Cheese $8.95

Mozzarella, Gouda, and Feta cheese.

Zambone $10.50

Mozzarella & Gouda Cheeses, Ham, and Bacon

Burgers & Sandwiches

Chicken Gyros* $9.00

A marinated and spiced breast of chicken, cut into thin tender slices served on pita bread and a choice of rice or fries.

Gyros* $10.00

Sandwich of ground Beef & Lamb sliced from our rotisserie, served with rice or fries.

1/2 lb. Lamburger* $10.95

Ground lamb, Tzaziki, red onion and feta, served with fries.

1/2 lb. Burger* $8.50

Served with French fries, lettuce and tomatoes (Add cheese $1.00)

 ΣΥΝΤΑΓΕΣ ΓΙΑ ΧΟΡΤΟΦΑΓΟΥΣ ♦ Vegetarian Greek Specialties

Spanakotiropeta $12.00

Fresh leaf spinach, imported Feta cheese and spices within delicate layers of phyllo

Moussaka $14.00

Layered eggplant, potatoes, sautéed onions, seasoned with spices topped with Béchamel sauce.

Vegetarian Trio $14.00

Spanakotiropeta, Moussaka and Dolmathes

Dolmathakia $12.00

Braised grape leaves filled with seasoned rice, sautéed vegetables, Greek spices, served with our tomato yogurt or lemon sauce.

Makaronatha $10.50

Thick spaghetti sautéed in a brown butter sauce tossed with Feta cheese


ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΕΣ ΣΥΝΤΑΓΕΣ ♦ Greek Specialties

Moussaka  $14.00

A classic Greek dish of thinly sliced and layered eggplant, potato and beef simmered with herbs and spices, topped with creamy Bechamel sauce

Pastisio  $14.00

A traditional preparation of macaroni, spiced ground meat, Parmesan cheese,   topped with creamy Bechamel

Traditional Trio  $17.00

A combination of Spanakotiropeta, Moussaka and Pastitsio

Makaronatha Spetsofai (Sausage)  $11.95

Thick spaghetti sautéed with Greek sausage, bell peppers and herb tomato sauce

Makaronatha me Arnaki (Lamb)  $17.00

Thick spaghetti with lamb simmered in herb infused tomato sauce

Dolmathakia  $13.50

Grape leaves stuffed with a mixture of ground meat, rice and spices, choice of lemon or herbed tomato sauce

Santorini Grill*  $25.00

A combination of jumbo shrimp and lamb chops served with rice or potato and vegetable

 APNAKI ♦ Lamb

J.P.’s Lamb Chops*                                                                                                                                              

3  Chops    $26.00   or   5 Chops    $35.50

Marinated in a mix of Mediterannean herbs and spices, served with choice of rice or potato and vegetable

Roast Leg of Lamb  $17.50

Sliced leg of lamb seasoned with fresh herbs and Parmesan cheese, served with choice of rice or potato and vegetable

Arnaki Kokkinisto  $16.95

Slowly braised lamb in a delicious tomato sauce with fresh herbs and spices, served with choice of rice or potatoes and vegetable

Braised Lamb Shank  $19.50

Bone-in lamb shank braised in white wine and herbs, served with choice of rice or potato and vegetable

Arnaki Skaras*  $17.50

Marinated select cuts of bone-in lamb, char-grilled served with choice of  rice or potato and vegetable


Beef Kebob*  $19.00

Skewered and char-grilled marinated beef tenderloin with grilled peppers and onions, served with rice or potato and vegetable

Meditterrranean Ribeye*  $27.50

Seasoned and Feta cheese stuffed Ribeye steak, served with choice of rice or potato and vegetable.

Filet Mignon*  $29.50

8 oz grilled filet served with sautéed spinach and lemon roasted potatoes

(Add 6 oz. Cold Water Lobster Tail for $13.00)

Cowboy Steak*  $38.00

26 oz Bone-in Ribeye steak, served with choice of rice or potato and vegetable


Lemon Chicken*  $15.50

Tender chicken breast delicately sautéed in lemon and white wine, served with choice of rice or potato and vegetable

Roast Chicken*  $13.50

Half roasted chicken rubbed with lemon, garlic and fresh herbs, served with choice of rice or potato and vegetable

Chicken Filet*  $14.50

Grilled marinated chicken breast, served with rice or potato and vegetable

Chicken Kebob*  $14.50

Tender marinated chicken skewered with grilled peppers and onions, served with choice of rice or potato and vegetable


ΘΑΛΑΣΣΙΝΑ ♦ Seafood Selections

Shrimp Santorini*  $17.50

Jumbo shrimp sautéed with white wine, butter, red peppers and spinach, served over rice

Lobster Markaronatha*  $22.00

Thick spaghetti tossed in a light tomato sauce with a butter poached  6 oz cold water lobster tail

Filo wrapped Shrimp*  $18.00

Flash fried shrimp wrapped in shredded filo dough, sweetened with a honey-pineapple glaze, served with rice

Solomos (Salmon)*  $19.00

Pan-seared salmon topped with an orange vodka sauce, sautéed spinach and rice

Also available grilled

Red Snapper*  $21.00

Broiled filet in a savoury rosemary tomato sauce, served with rice or potato and vegetable

Lavraki (Bronzini)*  $26.50

Classic Greek presentation of the whole fish served with a mixture of olive oil and lemon, served with choice of rice or potato and vegetable

Fish and Chips*  $14.50

Fresh cod filets battered and fried, served with fries


Sweet Peas ——————————————— $3.50
Rice —————————————————— $3.00
Lemon Roasted Potatoes ————————  $3.50
Steak Fries ——————————————– $3.00
Sautéed Spinach ———————————— $4.00
Mashed Potatoes ———————————– $3.50
Green Beans (Fasolakia)  ———————— $4.00

Menu and pricing subject to change

*Cooked to order; eating raw or under-cooked meat, eggs, or seafood can increase your risk of food borne illness